Pokemon Monopoly Game
Pokemon Monopoly Game
Pokemon Monopoly Game

Pokemon Monopoly Game

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Join Pikachu and friends on an adventure through Kanto Region when you play the Pokemon Monopoly Game! In this special Kanto Edition, you'll travel through eight gyms and battle Gym Leader Pokemon. Buy, sell, and trade with other Pokemon Trainers to get a powerful team and win the game! The Pokemon Monopoly Game is perfect for family game night or as a gift for any Pokemon fan! Suitable for 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 and up.

How to play:

  • Players take turns rolling the dice and making their way around the game board
  • Players can purchase a property, must pay rent for a property, follow the instructions on a card, pay the bank, or go to jail, depending upon the space a player lands on
  • A player wins when all other players go bankrupt

Pokemon Monopoly Game includes:

  • Game board
  • 6 tokens
  • 28 title deed cards
  • 16 Professor Oak cards
  • 16 trainer battle cards
  • 2 dice
  • 32 Poke Marts
  • 12 Pokemon Centers
  • Pack of Pokemon money
  • Instructions

Not for children under 8 years.